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Thoughts About Feelings: COVID-19

It’s okay to feel your feelings during these times!

(any feeling, good, bad or in-between)

I’ve been having, well, an interesting time going through this new season of life. I’ve had highs, lows, and sometimes I haven’t really felt anything at all. It’s a rollercoaster, but it’s also a part of being human.

I’m getting a bit worn out seeing the constant posts of “Stay inside! It’s not that hard!” because, honestly, that second part is not true at all and very dense in thinking. I’m not saying you should just say “eff it” and go out, because obviously that is not the safe solution for anyone. What I’m saying is that it is mentally hard not to go outside. Humans are social beings that are compiled of routine, plans and activity. So while yes, it is easy for us to physically keep ourselves inside, mentally it is really hard. I don’t think it’s fair in the saying “It’s not that hard!” because, well, it IS hard.

Art by: @stephaniechinart on Instagram

I’m all in support of self-care posts and have found them to be helpful when I’m looking for it. I think it’s also really important to remember that if you’re not doing good, and self-care is hard,

that’s okay too. Sometimes you need a day to just sit with your feelings and let them be. For me, crying and feeling the upset helps me to work towards the self-care everyone is talking about. I find it harder to try and take care of myself physically if I haven’t allowed myself to feel the bad feelings. You can do all the self-care in the world, but if you haven’t faced what is upsetting you, it’s going to be harder to feel “okay” again. Even if you get upset again after it, that’s okay! Life is constantly changing, and so are feelings. I’ve been going through this cycle a lot, but one thing always stands true: I will be okay. Repeat that to yourself, I will be okay.

Art: @worry_lines on Instagram

The sun will rise, and we will be steadily productive in whatever we set our mind to that day. Or, we’ll stay in bed with our favorite snack watching our favorite show, movie, YouTuber, or even playing video games. Whatever you decide to do, you will be okay. We will be okay. And your feelings will forever remain valid.

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