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The Anxious Agenda

Colored pens, white boards and journals from Marshalls. These are a few of my favorite organizational thiiiiiings! Thanks to Rodgers and Hammerstein for creating a catchy song that always gets stuck in my head. And thanks to my therapist for helping me finally get organized this week!

It’s only January, but 2020 has already put a lot on my plate. On top of working part time and going to school full time, I’ve been hired as a social media intern by my university. I’m so incredibly grateful for these opportunities, but this means it’s time to make a set schedule. Easy, right? I said yes, but my anxiety said, “Um, no. What if I get too busy? What if I fall behind? What if things don’t get done? What if I fail? What if…?”

Basically, I have always stayed away from making a schedule. I could not stand the possibility of letting myself or others down. I’ve bought one too many planners that are empty and stored away from thinking that year was my year. Trust me when I say, this year is different. It’s time for this part of my life to change, and it starts with me.

Here are some ways that I have challenged my anxiety and made scheduling fun:

Number one: Get creative!

I always have an itching to get creative. By integrating creativity into my scheduling it gave me incentive to put more time into it. As pictured, I decided to make my monthly dry-erase calendar a weekly calendar. I also decided to use purple and orange for my times and activities, but whatever feels appealing to your eye is the best. That way you’re more apt to look at it. Don’t want to use a dry erase board? Journals, planners, and even phone notifications can be useful too! It’s all up to what is most enjoyable and easiest for you.

Number two: Write down basic needs!

I never really thought about scheduling a time for eating or sleep. I figured I just did it when I did it. But if you have jam-packed days like me, it’s extremely important to prioritize both. Write down when to wake up/go to sleep, when to eat breakfast (lunch and dinner), and don’t forget to integrate exercise! I do a simple sun salutation every morning and I’ve noticed a difference in my motivation.

Number three: Journal!

Grab those colored pens (or whatever kind of writing device you prefer) and get journaling! Write about your day and reflect on it. What worked? What didn’t work? What’s something maybe you want to add or prioritize? Write it all out and talk about it with someone. Outside input is beneficial for you to have different perspective and can give relief to organizational uncertainty.

While schedules do help us to stay on a steady track, they are ALWAYS subject to change. Life happens and it can ultimately be out of our control. No one will be mad, and things can always be moved around. Deep inhale, slow exhale and know that it will all be okay.

I hope this helped anyone who has schedule anxiety or even has general anxiety about change. It can be really hard, but the hardest step is always the first one. I am far from perfect when it comes to keeping a schedule, but I’m excited to make the change this year. Let me know if you have any other helpful tips in the comments!

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