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Reasons I'm a Fan: YUNGBLUD

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

The Yungblud American tour is cancelled due to COVID-19 precautions,

and I’m allowed to be sad about it.

(now that that’s out of the way!)

I had a dream about my grandparents and Yungblud the night before I found out the news. I had a dream he was neighbors with my grandparents and that was about it. It was a very peaceful dream, as I got to be with my grandparents and also randomly see my favorite musician there. I woke up the next morning and went on Instagram. To no surprise, Dom (YB) and his team released their statement that due to COVID-19 safety purposes, the American tour was cancelled.

This is no one’s fault except for the uncertainty of life itself. This isn’t the first big event to be cancelled in my life, and most certainly won’t be the last. I was sad, I still am sad, as this was the first time I was going to see Yungblud live. It was something I was saving up for that then turned into a very special gift from my boyfriend. You see we live in Detroit and were going to be driving all the way to Cleveland for the show. Concerts are something I hold dear to my heart and I still shake from the excitement I get from just thinking about attending them.

So yes, I am sad. But I don’t want to ponder on that too much. Instead of talking about that, the virus or everything else that’s out of my control, I want to talk about all the reasons that I am a fan of Yungblud! It’s a long list but I’m going to try to sort out the five most prominent reasons for ya:

1. He’s fooking relatable.

I enjoy authenticity from people and it can be difficult to find that out of different artists. When I was introduced to Yungblud, I was drawn to his punk style. I grew up with a sister 11 years older than me who played nothing but pop-punk and rock when I was quite young. That being said, there was something about Yungblud’s music that was comfortable and felt like home to me. On top of that, he writes music about things that are actually relatable to my own experiences. It could be because we’re close in age or that he really knows his demographics. But it doesn’t matter, because everything he does is with his heart.

2. His fooking energy.

I wish he was around when I was younger. Truly. His energy, humor, bounciness is something that gets my inner child GOING. I was very hyper, loud and silly as a kid. It was something that unfortunately my caregiver didn’t want me to be. With the rise of Yungblud and being a fan of his music, I’ve been able to pull that person back out.

3. He fooking loves his fans.

I have never felt more cared about as a fan. Everyone else who is his fan can totally relate. He uses social media WELL. From Instagram lives, to pop up concerts, to FaceTiming fans, to hanging fan art on his fridge and performing a WHOLE online show while we’re stuck in quarantine? Your favorite could NEVER. He is constantly showing his love for the Black Hearts Club and making sure EVERYONE is feeling that love.

4. He’s fooking passionate.

Whenever I am looking to get pumped up or ready to do something I’m personally passionate about, I listen to Yungblud. I actually did a whole half-hour radio podcast about his music and the impact his passion has on his art and fans. By speaking out about the things he’s passionate about, he opens up the conversation for others to speak out about their passions. It’s hard being heard as a youth in this day and age, but by having his voice, he gives us a voice. And I think that’s really special.

5. He’s fooking unique.

One of his biggest messages that stuck out to me is his firm belief in being unique. He stands for breaking the status-quo and being whoever makes you happy. He’s extremely inclusive and embraces weirdness without a blink of an eye. His music and fanbase has helped me find my own sense of belonging and makes me feel comfortable being my true self.

So there you have it, a brief list on all the things that make me a fan of Yungblud. I trust that when this is all over and resolved, he’ll be on the road performing music with his fans and giving us all a cuddle again. Until then, if this is your first time hearing about Yungblud, I highly recommend listening to a song or two and enjoy the fun-loving human-being us fans know and love. (I know most of y’all aren’t doing much else ;) )

(Ps if YB ever reads this, I graduate from university next spring and would love to do PR for you, lol.)

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