Hello! It's a pleasure to meet you!

My name is Emily. I am a proud Michigander currently studying public relations at Wayne State University.


I am a devoted advocate for mental health, body inclusivity, and all things that make this world a comfortable, safe place for every human being. I'm also a 20-something, social media connoisseur with a not-so-typical outlook in this digital era. I believe a social media presence is all about authenticity, and I'm trying my best to be a part of the effort to bring that authenticity back.


Some fun facts: I am a cat mama to a sassy tabby named Ginger. Spider-Man was my first every inspiration when I was four, and I have since become a huge Marvel dork. For an even deeper look into my personality: my rising sign is Libra and my Hogwarts' House is Ravenclaw!

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