We're Libby and Erin (see picture above, we're pretty snazzy)! We're sisters, bffs, and we started this blog because we're homebodies. We love a lot of things about our lives! Babies, cows, lemons, homemade beauty products, clothing, hair, makeup and chickens (not necessarily in that order, except for the babies part). We originally started this blog to talk about DIY body products, but we soon realized that we had a lot more to share!

Something special happens when we create.

So here we are, starting fresh with awesome, new, wild ideas all across the board! If you have any suggestions about what we should review, try, or make, please leave a comment and we'll make a post! DO IT.


I live on a farm. I'm married to a farmer. We have twins, Otto and Evelyn, who were born in March 2015--my life pretty much revolves around that, not to mention my cat (Gus) and dog (Ziba). I'm pretty into the whole homemade, homestead thing. There's just something about making stuff from scratch.

I also just love to have little projects so this blog is right up my alley. :)

Being the homebody I am (I'm literally confined to the house, courtesy of two adorable twins), I'll be bringing you along on everyday happenings around the homestead, whether that's making homemade baby food, giving you tips on how to manage a garden, trying at failing at my newest sewing endeavor, or sharing my tips and tricks for canning.


First and foremost, I got married to the love of my life, Steven, in August. We visited Iceland for our honeymoon, which left a mark on me I can't explain. You'll be seeing some updates on our life as well as a little inspiration from the ol' land of fire and ice, but I digress...

Makeup, style and hair is my game--and I love any and all adventures into this arena! I'm a big believer that style is not about what you look like to others, but what makes you happy and how you look to yourself. Hey, if you want to channel a gym teacher from 3rd grade, why not?

Trying new things is what keeps my life fun. Whether the new thing is an outfit, DIY lipstick or hair product, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be blogging about it. I'm also super into making weird food, so you'll be seeing some concoctions from yours truly every now and then.

Last and most importantly, I love to write. So this is just a great way for me to get my thoughts down! I'm always curious in researching the why in life: Why go local? Why should I care what's in my products? Why do I keep saying why? I also have a bachelor's degree in journalism from Western Michigan University. GO BRONCOS!